From Love to Life

Month: January 2016


Wow the time has flown by.  I sit here today being 28 weeks pregnant.   I truly can’t believe I have 12 weeks left.  This is both exciting and a little scary at the same time!  12 weeks till I get to cuddle, snuggle and […]

Choosing the perfect name

Maybe we are nerds, but Keith and I talked about names long before we thought about having a baby.  He had always wanted his kids to have “K” names and I wanted something that had meaning for our family. When we found out that we […]

New adventures…update

Well, baby girl, you have definitely made this experience exciting.  I had a checkup apppintment today at 10.  I was sure that I was going to be able to stop the once a week appointments and spread them out a little bit. I mentioned to […]

Day 2 down…so many more to go

Today marked day two of bed rest. Don’t worry… I won’t be documenting every day of this torture…err… I mean wonderful oppurtunity to rest, relax and make sure my child is safe and healthy. I have to say— after two weeks of being off for […]

A House, A Pregnant Wife and Me: A True Story

So this morning Miranda and I headed out to look at 2 more rental properties and I felt confident enough that one of these 2 will be our future home for the next year (at least).  We stopped for breakfast at a new place which […]

At home…

Today is the first day of my official modified bedrest. I think I have done more in the past 4 hours of being home than I have in the last year of working… crazy! I have written out my to do lists and will continue […]

Dear baby… #25 weeks

Well Kaylynn… we have made it to 25 weeks!! This past week you have upped your kicking and punching. I feel you all the time, at different parts of the day. When Daddy tries to feel you, you stop moving all of a sudden! It […]