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Month: August 2016

Five Months

This past month has brought a lot of growth and change in our sweet little one. She has mastered the art of opening her mouth to insert food. She loves bananas, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, pears, and green beans. She will tolerate most of what […]

Adventures in Solids

At baby girl’s 4 month appointment, the doctor brought up solids.  Kaylynn has been showing signs that she is ready for solids so Keith and I decided to go ahead and start.   We have taken a very lax approach with food, not forcing it […]

Kaylynn | Four Months

  Oh my, sweet girl, how the months have gone by.  I cannot believe that Keith and I have been parents for four months.  We are not pros, but have been able to work our way through with sleepy eyes and have enjoyed many of […]