From Love to Life

Month: September 2016

6 months

Oh baby girl!  What a joy you are to us.  Between laughing at your puppies and giving us kisses, your daddy and I wouldn’t change anything.  I love my sleep but love you more.  I cherish the extra time I get with you and love […]

Fatherhood life as I know it

Hello everyone, Keith here with another entry to the blog.  This time, I’m discussing my 6 months on the job training of being a dad.  From minute 1, I was excited and a tad scared on what was to become of our lives.  From a […]

Jury Duty

Today I went to jury duty. I didn’t realize I was exempt because of having a child under 12, but I didn’t change it once I found out. I got as far as being in the courtroom with the judge and lawyers. They didn’t ask […]