From Love to Life

8 months and an update on life

Well… we are a little late getting this up but here it is.  I cannot believe that we are closer to Kaylynn being a year old than a newborn!  She is growing like crazy and it seems that she makes a new discovery or learns a new skill everyday.  She has learned to get on her hands and knees but can’t quite make it to crawl yet.  I am sure it won’t be long.  She has 2 teeth, with more coming in soon!  She has been chewing on everything.  She gets tastes of mommy and daddy’s plate when we are at a restaurant and I am hoping that we can ditch the baby food soon!  She loves any type of bread or potato (good german girl!), spinach, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and yogurt.  She is able to polish off an entire container or Chobani yogurt for breakfast!  We have been so blessed with a healthy, mild tempered, easy going baby girl.

In other news this month… Charlie, my 16 year old Jack Russel Terrier passed away December 3.  He was a good dog and lived well past his prime.  He loved and was loved.  I will never ever forget that dog.  We also got a puppy about 3 weeks ago.  She is the cutest little ball of fur.  Charlie wasn’t too fond of her but let her sleep on his pillow.  Kai has taken on the big sister role well and lets Lexie climb all over her.  Lexie doesn’t whine at night and only goes out once at night.  She has occasional accidents, but is doing well.  We have to watch her with random items as she loves to chew!

I just finished my second semester of graduate school and Keith is doing his annual 7 day a week work week for the holidays.  I will be glad when he has Sundays back off with us.

Here is Kaylynn’s eight month picture.  It is getting increasingly difficult to get a good picture when all she wants to do is lunge off the chair!