From Love to Life

Baby girl

The day we found out about you, I took 6 tests, just to prove to your daddy that you were in my tummy.  The next 9 months went by so fast, yet seemed to be so slow.  I couldn’t wait to meet you, yet I was so scared  that I wasn’t going to be a good mommy.

The day you were born was the day that your daddy and I had our lives changed.  I kept looking at you in awe!  How much does God trust us and love is that He gave this beautiful girl to us to raise and cherish forever!

The past 365 days have been the most challenging yet best days of my life.  From being up every three hours to feed your little tummy to having to experiencing the world through you, you have been one of the reasons that I exist.  We were meant to be your mommy and Daddy.  How cool is that?  God knew what kind of parents you would need and chose us!  We are a perfect fit!
This past year has gone by so fast.   Through tired eyes I have seen you sit up, laugh, smile, eat solid foods, get your first teeth, crawl, and now…take some small steps. I won’t take this next year for granted either. I will cherish every kiss, every snuggle, every year, every milestone that you have.  I will relish in your discoveries as you learn to navigate this world.  More than anything, I will pray for you.  To grow up on the path that God has chosen for you.  To hide His Word deep in your heart so that it is more than something you know.  It is a part of you.

I will pray for guidance for Daddy and I as we help you navigate this world. I will pray that we will provide the foundation you need and deserve to have so much more than Daddy and I ever did!

We love you with our whole hearts!!