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Baby girl

The day we found out about you, I took 6 tests, just to prove to your daddy that you were in my tummy.  The next 9 months went by so fast, yet seemed to be so slow.  I couldn’t wait to meet you, yet I […]

11 months

Well…it is happening…we are coming to the end of the first year with Kaylynn.  I cannot believe that in a few short weeks we will be celebrating our one year old!  She is so much fun to be around.  Her smile lights up our world. […]

8 months and an update on life

Well… we are a little late getting this up but here it is.  I cannot believe that we are closer to Kaylynn being a year old than a newborn!  She is growing like crazy and it seems that she makes a new discovery or learns […]

Adventures in Solids

At baby girl’s 4 month appointment, the doctor brought up solids.  Kaylynn has been showing signs that she is ready for solids so Keith and I decided to go ahead and start.   We have taken a very lax approach with food, not forcing it […]

Kaylynn | Four Months

  Oh my, sweet girl, how the months have gone by.  I cannot believe that Keith and I have been parents for four months.  We are not pros, but have been able to work our way through with sleepy eyes and have enjoyed many of […]

3 months

On Tuesday, our sweet girl turned 3 months!  I can’t believe it! How fast it seems to fly by.   I love seeing her learn new things and gaining confidence in being her own person.  We have spent many moments in awe as she laughs […]

2 months

When someone told me time would fly by, I believed them.  I didn’t think, however, it would go this fast. Life has been in the fast lane for Keith, Kaylynn and I.  I am back at work until Friday, when school lets out for the […]

6 weeks old

Well baby girl is 6 weeks old.  It has been an amazing and thrilling experience so far.  We have enjoyed getting comfortable with being a family of 3…5 if you count the fur babies.  Kaylynn loves to snuggle and eat!  She is starting to have […]

A New Normal

I just love when I read articles about recovering from delivering a small human…most of them say to get plenty of rest. It really makes me wonder if the author of the article has actually had a newborn living with them, needing them 100% of […]

Week 2

Well, baby girl is in her second week of being the cutest little one that I have ever met.  She has definitely changed our lives and has made herself very welcome in our families.  On Sunday, baby girl got to meet my uncle, aunt and […]