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3 months

On Tuesday, our sweet girl turned 3 months!  I can’t believe it! How fast it seems to fly by.   I love seeing her learn new things and gaining confidence in being her own person.  We have spent many moments in awe as she laughs […]

2 months

When someone told me time would fly by, I believed them.  I didn’t think, however, it would go this fast. Life has been in the fast lane for Keith, Kaylynn and I.  I am back at work until Friday, when school lets out for the […]

6 weeks old

Well baby girl is 6 weeks old.  It has been an amazing and thrilling experience so far.  We have enjoyed getting comfortable with being a family of 3…5 if you count the fur babies.  Kaylynn loves to snuggle and eat!  She is starting to have […]

Week 2

Well, baby girl is in her second week of being the cutest little one that I have ever met.  She has definitely changed our lives and has made herself very welcome in our families.  On Sunday, baby girl got to meet my uncle, aunt and […]

Dear Kaylynn…

Dear Baby Girl— Your official name maybe Kaylynn Lee, but to me and your dad, you will be baby girl—our sweet baby girl! It is hard to think that this time of feeling you grow inside of me has come to an end. You have […]


I have been reading a lot of articles, blogs and Facebook posts about motherhood. There are questions asked in Facebook groups as well. I think there is a wealth of information available to mothers these days. The debate of whether you should breast or bottle […]

12 days!

12 days is all we have to wait! Baby girl will be in my arms on the afternoon of March 28th.  I am so excited yet terrified at the same time.  Due to her size, position and various other complications with my health, the doctor, […]

Waiting for baby girl…

Baby girl continues to grow and grow. We found out today that our little gymnast has turned and is sitting with her head in my ribs. There is a chance that she will change positions again before 37 weeks, but most likely I will have […]

Dear Baby #33(and a half) weeks

  Keith and I found out some wonderful news yesterday.  We went to the doctor to see how baby girl is growing.  Boy, is she growing!   Honey Grams, my mom, got to see her in mommy’s tummy as well.  It was so fun to see how […]

Maternity pictures

On Sunday we took maternity pictures. We were thankful that the same photographer that took our wedding photos was available and willing to take our maternity pictures. We wanted to capture this season of our lives and I love how the same photographer makes all […]