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Day 2 down…so many more to go

Today marked day two of bed rest. Don’t worry… I won’t be documenting every day of this torture…err… I mean wonderful oppurtunity to rest, relax and make sure my child is safe and healthy. I have to say— after two weeks of being off for […]


Well, 2015 has been a good year to Keith and I. We have enjoyed learning to live together in our first apartment. After having a conversation about family over tacos and hot sauce, we found out a few months later that I was pregnant. It […]

A long Christmas vacation

Throughout the pregnancy…and my adult life, I have been struggling with high blood pressure. I knew that I needed to get it down as I did not want to increase my chances for heart attack or stroke. I never thought about the implications that it […]

And now for a non baby post…. I love being a part of  For those who don’t know what this program is, please check out  This program is a crowd sourced program that allows teachers to post projects they would like to do […]