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You had a baby, “today is your day” day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms out there!

Today is the 2nd year my wife is celebrating Mothers Day.  With that being said, we appreciate everything she does for us.  Without her, I would probably have lost my sanity with Kaylynn already.  She keeps me grounded and makes my life complete everyday that I wake up next to her.  Kaylynn enjoys getting tickled by mama and in return, Kaylynn gives mama tons of sloppy kisses and soft hugs.  Below are some photos I took of the breakfast I made for her.  She simply is the one of the best moms around, can’t say the best bc then I’m tossing her mom and my mom to the side.  They are both amazing as well.  So enjoy today and everyone else, I’ll take a quote from church this morning (who took it from Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, when he was at Alabama filming a commercial for AT&T), “Call Your Mama.”


Have a great day,

Husband to an Amazing Wife and Daddy of 1 Wild & Crazy Child

Toasted Bread with Avocado Slices, Bacon, American Cheese and a Fried Egg in the Heart Shaped Hole on top!