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Wow!  2 hours left in 2016.  I have seen many peoples posts on Facebook about how they are so happy this year is over.  I pray that the world has a better year in 2017, that hate does not define us as a country and […]

8 months and an update on life

Well… we are a little late getting this up but here it is.  I cannot believe that we are closer to Kaylynn being a year old than a newborn!  She is growing like crazy and it seems that she makes a new discovery or learns […]

New Adventure

I am forever looking for ways to make just a little but of extra cash to pay for graduate school and now…cute, unnecessary clothes for Kaylynn.  I loved selling Jamberry, but unfortunately, I didn’t make enough sales to keep my consultant status.  One of my […]


On November 19, a beautiful soul left this earth and took a piece of our hearts with her.  My grandma lived a full 88 years.  She had 13 grandchildren,18 great grand children and 3 great-great grandchildren. She loved her family, her friends, her sweets and […]

7 months

Baby Girl— My oh my have you changed our world! Today, you are 7 months old. I always say that you are growing up so fast. I don’t think you will ever know just how fast until you have your own little one to raise. […]

6 months

Oh baby girl!  What a joy you are to us.  Between laughing at your puppies and giving us kisses, your daddy and I wouldn’t change anything.  I love my sleep but love you more.  I cherish the extra time I get with you and love […]

Fatherhood life as I know it

Hello everyone, Keith here with another entry to the blog.  This time, I’m discussing my 6 months on the job training of being a dad.  From minute 1, I was excited and a tad scared on what was to become of our lives.  From a […]

Jury Duty

Today I went to jury duty. I didn’t realize I was exempt because of having a child under 12, but I didn’t change it once I found out. I got as far as being in the courtroom with the judge and lawyers. They didn’t ask […]

Five Months

This past month has brought a lot of growth and change in our sweet little one. She has mastered the art of opening her mouth to insert food. She loves bananas, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, pears, and green beans. She will tolerate most of what […]

Adventures in Solids

At baby girl’s 4 month appointment, the doctor brought up solids.  Kaylynn has been showing signs that she is ready for solids so Keith and I decided to go ahead and start.   We have taken a very lax approach with food, not forcing it […]