From Love to Life


Wow!  2 hours left in 2016.  I have seen many peoples posts on Facebook about how they are so happy this year is over.  I pray that the world has a better year in 2017, that hate does not define us as a country and we come together for the betterment of our children and their future.  

In 2016, for this little family, we have had highs and lows.  We have lost loved ones and gained new ones. I finished another semester in graduate school, moved grade levels and managed to keep some sanity while doing it.  Of course, I wouldn’t change 2016 for anything since it was the year keith and I became parents!    

Kaylynn is 9 months old and I have a love/ hate relationship with the stage she is in. I love that she is getting more independent and is growing her BIG personality. She is so daring and curious. She loves to stand and look around at her world.   She is not a picky eater yet and I love seeing her explore tastes and textures (even tamales).  Christmas through her eyes was amazing!  It was a refreshed look at the magic and wonder of the season!   I didn’t get Christmas card out this year…maybe I will get something out for a Valentines Day card or at least for her first birthday!  We love each of you and wish you a very blessed and prosperous 2017!  


Keith, Miranda and Kaylynn