From Love to Life

Father’s Day— a little late :(

Today I recognize my baby daddy, my life partner, the one who snuck all of his genes into our baby girl, the peanut butter to my jelly, the syrup to my pancakes… the hubs. He is hard working and tries to make all 4 of his girls happy. Thu furry girls are easily tricked by things that smell and taste good and some pats on the head. The two humans one need a little more than some good food…but not much more.
To see my husband play with our daughter is more than my heart can handle. She adores her daddy and is very attached to him. When he takes her upstairs to get a bath, I love hearing the splashes and squeals of delight cascading down the steps. He picks up where I slack off and deals with my crazy times.
To say he is just a good daddy is an understatement. He is the best daddy and God has prepared him for anything that little pink bundle has for him (and I am pretty sure that God has way more faith in us as parents then we have in ourselves!)
Thanks for all you do and the dad that you are to our daughter…she is one lucky lady!