From Love to Life

It’s official

I am always scared to make changes. New things are scary and I enjoy knowing what is going to happen and what to expect. This being said, I have stayed in the same district since I started working. Alief was the first district to offer me a position. I took the first job I could find. I loved working at Cummings Elementary. I wanted to be closer to home but honestly, it seemed like to much work. To find places hiring, go on interviews, etc. It seemed that it was just too much and I didn’t have the energy. My third year at Cummings I came back from an illness to find out that I had a new position at a new school. I was being moved to Boone due to numbers in the SPED department. I was excited and scared. In hindsight, I had nothing to be scared of….everything turned out amazing, and seriously, the teachers at Boone ROCK!  I settled into my new position and grew professionally and emotionally that first year.
Now, it is time to start a new adventure in a new grade level at a new district. I have accepted a position at Meridiana Elementary in Alvin ISD. I will be teaching third grade reading, writing and social studies. I am so excited to be able to teach closer to home and in subjects that I am so passionate about!

I could never say enough praise about my time at Alief.  The training and encouragement that I received from each of my admin and teammates.  I have made lifelong friends at each of the schools I taught at (two that I get to teach with at the new school) and will always give credit to Alief for so many things.