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January Shenanigans

I cannot believe that I am starting to think about birthday party ideas for our tiny baby girl.  It really does seem like we brought her home a few weeks ago.

This month she is 10 months old.  She is the most fun loving, easy going (except to strangers) girl.  She loves anything we put on her tray.  She loves food like her momma and daddy.  She loves to go upside down and hang with her arms dangling.  She likes to climb on us and grab anything she should or shouldn’t have.  I love this time with her and all the fun new activities she can do.

Kaylynn Lee is 10 months old!

A few weeks ago, we went to the children’s museum and spent some time at the totspot. I highly encourage those with mobile infants or toddlers to go!  It was so much fun and provided a safe place for the little ones to crawl and explore.  She loved the giant lite brite!


Yesterday, my parents and I met up with my friend Crystal and her little guy J for a trip to Pearland’s Winterfest.  They had trucked in some snow and had a little winter wonderland for the kids.  Kaylynn had fun but was cold!  Inside the Natatorium, they had some other fun things to do.  Kaylynn got to pet an alligator, lizard and turtle.